After nearly four months of mandated closure due to the pandemic, the Featherbed Inn re-opened its doors to guests on July 1, 2020. Vermont is the safest state in the lower 48, in part because of the strict regulations around cross-state travel, quarantines,  and social gatherings. While this makes Vermont a wonderful and safe destination, it has made getting here a bit complicated. But it's getting simpler! As of April 9, 2021, there are no restrictions for visitors two weeks after full  vaccination. Visitors who are not yet vaccinated are required to get a PCR test within three days of arrival. Quarantines are no longer required. We are happy to speak with you about what traveling to Vermont during Covid entails and how to plan your visit, our safety precautions, or any other concerns.  

Our goal, as it always has been, is to ensure the health and safety of our guests while still offering warm hospitality, luxurious yet homey comfort, and an overall wonderful experience. Masks and social distancing are the rule, and we encourage our guests to spend as much time as possible outside. Spending time outside has been made even better at the Inn by the addition of our two new outdoor firepits and seating areas. When inside, we keep our guests safely distanced, by serving meals in several different rooms and by reminding guests from different households to significantly limit (ideally, to limit entirely) any time spent together in common areas. We follow CDC, Vermont Department of Health, and American Hotel and Lodging Association guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning our rooms and linens. Remember, we live here at the inn, so we approach health and safety measures as if our very lives depend on them.


Please review Vermont's cross-state travel information when planning your trip: This information changes frequently, and the state's website is updated regularly. All guests must sign and complete a Certificate of Compliance.