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Fresh Scones with Breakfast
Plating Breakfast
Breakfast with a View
Breakfast with a View
Cast Iron Kitchen Stove
Charred plums
Breakfast Cubanos

A lot of places boast about their cuisine, but we don't have to...our guests rave about our breakfasts. Breakfast at the Featherbed Inn is a unique culinary adventure, often surprising and always delicious and satisfying. Karen's outrageously perfect scones are always served, followed by a creative fruit course (how do charred plums with goat cheese, olive oil, and black pepper sound?), and rounded out with non-traditional B&B food (such as savory dishes like shakshuka, kuku kadoo, or breakfast cubanos, or sweet dishes like almond puffed or lemon ricotta pancakes with orange/apricot/ginger sauce). We use hyper-local ingredients from organic and regenerative farms whenever possible, and we bring our food scraps to feed the pigs down the road at Gaylord Farm — so we are truly table-to-farm-to-table. No one leaves here hungry!

We know that many of our guests have dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences. Please let us know ahead of your stay if you have dietary requirements, and we will be sure to cook you up something delicious that meets your needs. 

Take a peek at our Recipes page, and feel free to try these at home.

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