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Snowy December Special

Hello lovers of winter,

This last week has been magnificent. The early-season conditions at Sugarbush are off the charts. We've been having a blast, getting out on the hill nearly every day. For us, it's a rare combination of gorgeous snow and a quiet inn. We don't usually have time to ski when conditions are like this, what with all of you lovely guests keeping us busy.

And while it's been fabulous having the mountain nearly to ourselves, it's really too good not to share. And who better to share with than you? To that end, we're offering an early-season special, knocking off 20 percent starting right this minute up until Christmas week.

Be nice to yourself, and take advantage of mid-winter conditions without the mid-winter crowds. We'd love to see you!

Karen and Mick

PS: Mad River Glen opens on Saturday!

Perfect ski conditions at Sugarbush
Early December at Sugarbush

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