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Vaccinated? Come to Vermont!!!


Finally, some really, really good news. Starting on February 23, Vermont will be welcoming visitors two weeks after their second shot -- no quarantine required! If you haven't been able to quarantine but you've been vaccinated or are going to be soon, perhaps this is the time to start planning for a getaway to the Mad River Valley. It's been such a hard and stressful year -- imagine how rejuvenated you will feel after a few days of playing in the snow, looking at stunning scenery instead of the inside of your home or workplace, warming up by our fire pits, and being pampered and fed at the Featherbed Inn.

This winter has been glorious here in the Valley, and it looks like it will stay that way for a good long time. If you've never skied mid-week, we urge you to try it -- you'll feel like you have the entire mountain to yourself. And if you can't take days off from work, you can work from the inn and sneak out for some turns during your extended lunch break. 

While it seems impossible as we look out over all this snow, it won't be long until the warmer weather arrives, ushering in months of mountain biking, hiking, swimming, road biking, outdoor yoga on our meadow, golfing, fishing, and all those activities that make spring, summer, and fall such wonderful times to be in Vermont. 

So if you are fully vaccinated or if you are able to quarantine, the Featherbed Inn and the brave little state of Vermont welcome you and look forward to seeing you. Come to ski, to rest, to luxuriate, to've earned it.

See you soon!

Karen and Mick

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