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Vermont Lifts Quarantine Requirement

Hello friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that, as of April 9, non-vaccinated visitors to Vermont will be able to come without first quarantining. If you can get tested within three days prior to arrival, the door is open to you. If you've got kids in school who can't quarantine but can be tested, bring them! If you haven't yet been vaccinated but can get a test, come to the Featherbed! If you've been vaccinated, you're all set two weeks post-inoculation. While we're excited about opening up, we continue to value our guests' health and safety above all else and will require masks and social distancing for as long as the situation warrants. Outdoors and with a bit of distance, we love seeing smiles on our guests' faces. 

There are still a couple of weeks of spring skiing at Sugarbush, and our mountain bike trails are drying out quickly and will be ready for riding and hiking any day now. The frogs on our swimming pond made their first appearance yesterday and are entertaining us with their evening symphony, and we are already looking forward to jumping in when the weather warms. Soon we'll be serving meals out in the gardens and breaking out the lawn games. Summer beckons!

FYI - We've limited the number of wedding blocks this year to keep more weekends and weeks open for visitors to enjoy all that the Mad River Valley offers during spring, summer, and fall. If you've never thought of Vermont as a warm-weather destination, we recommend you give it some thought. It's gorgeous here in the warm months, and this summer the valley will come to life with art festivals, farmers markets, outdoor concerts, swimming holes, paddling, and endless hiking, road biking, and mountain biking. We're excited about once again offering outdoor yoga on our meadow, perhaps followed by tea and scones. Sound good?

We are so looking forward to seeing you,

Karen and Mick

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