Built c.1806 the property is one of the oldest buildings in Waitsfield. It was an active dairy farm until the 1940s, when Elsie and Otto Becher turned the farm into Beckeridge, the first bed & breakfast in town to accommodate the skiers of the newly opened Mad River Glen Ski Area.


Originally more of a hostel than an inn, a massive restoration transformed The Beckeridge into The Featherbed Inn, now with large, well-appointed rooms, each with a private bathroom. 

From an old newspaper article about  our predecessor: "Beckeridge shows little resemblance to the decrepit farm buildings from which it was made. The popular lodge was constructed from various and sundry farm sheds and buildings...The Bechers first saw the old ramshackle farm off route 100 in Waitsfield in the late 30's. The barn walls were spreading wearily in their middles; the chicken houses had assumed postures more describable as piles of slats; windows were at a minimum; there was no plumbing; floors were few and far between....The original rough hewn beams were left where they stood. But floors, ceilings, partitions, and rooms were added...Then the first customers, came, saw -- and stayed."