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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Since we moved to the Mad River Valley three years ago, we've become a bit, shall we say, precious about when we ski. Living eight minutes from both Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, we can ski when the conditions are perfect, the weather is glorious, and the crowds are few. Most of you don't have that luxury, and if you've been holding off making plans to ski this winter we really can't blame you.

We finally put our skis on this week, and it was great to be back on the hill. And it's about to get fabulous. It looks like winter has finally decided to make itself known here in the Mad River Valley, and it plans to stick around for a while. The snow starts falling tonight and will keep falling on and off into next week, with some real accumulation and perfect temperatures. Finally.

Whether your thing is hitting the slopes, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing (we've got several pairs you can borrow), sledding, skating, dog sledding, or simply enjoying the wintry magic, the next couple of weeks should be perfect. We plan to bring our precious selves outdoors and into the snow as often as we can. Join us!

Just thought you should know...

See you soon -

Karen and Mick

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