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Karen holds two plates of  Chorizo Verde Hash in mini cast iron pans

Chorizo Verde Hash

First off, this isn’t really so much a recipe but rather an approach, an approach to a delicious outcome that you can tweak any way you want. Second, and more importantly, is that the chorizo verde we use is made right here in Waitsfield, by local charcuterie-maker 5th Quarter. Josh, the genius behind the charcuterie, is opening his own shop-within-a-shop at the Mad River Taste Place. If you cannot get your hands on 5th Quarter Chorizo Verde, use whatever high-quality (humanely raised, please) chorizo.

One Serving – You’ll probably want to double or triple or quadruple this, but we’ll let you do the math.


  • ¼ pound chorizo

  • 1 smallish russet potato

  • Half a sweet potato

  • Half a small onion

  • Canola oil



  • Dice both potatoes and onion fairly small, about 1/3 inch cubes. Heat oil in a cast-iron pan, then add the russet potato. Periodically toss these around, using a metal spatula to scrape all the good bits from the pan. Once those are beginning to brown, add the sweet potato. Keep cooking until nearly brown, then add the diced onion. When the onion is translucent, add the chorizo, first peeling away the casing then squishing the meat with your hands or the back of a spoon. Continue to fry, stirring periodically, until chorizo is fully browned and potatoes/onions are nicely golden.

  • Serve this with a Perfect Poached Egg.

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