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Two women jump off the dock into the Featherbed Pond on a summer day

You don’t even need to leave the Inn’s lovely grounds to cool off on a hot summer day. Our pristine little pond beckons, for a pre-breakfast dip, for cooling off during an afternoon of biking or hiking or playing games on the lawn or reading in the gazebo, for a quiet evening swim. How great is that?

Or if a larger lake is what you’re looking for, then you’ll want to look towards Blueberry Lake in Warren. Quiet, secluded, crystal clear.

One of the greatest gifts of the Mad River is its abundance of swimming holes. There’s nothing quite like a swim in a river. And the Featherbed Inn is blessed with one of the best swimming holes right across the road, at the Lareau Farm Swim Hole. With a beach and a ledge for jumping off (for those so inclined), it’s an ideal spot to spend a summer day (and you don’t even need to get in your car). 

Swimmers at the Lareau Swimming Hole
The top of the waterfall at Warren Falls

Another of our favorites is Warren Falls, a stunning series of cascades and deep pools and cliffs of various heights for jumping off. No excuse to come to the Valley in summer and not go to Warren Falls. Just 10 minutes from the Inn .  Or look no further than the covered bridge right in the middle of Waitsfield, at the Great Eddy Bridge Swim Hole. And Vermont being Vermont, you have the option for clothing-optional (very optional, read “discouraged”) swimming at the lovely Punch Bowl in Warren. And these are just some of our favorites. There are other holes for swimming in, cliffs and bridges for jumping off, joys to be discovered. Just ask or just explore.


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