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A Wintry Walk in the Woods

Have you ever walked through the woods, at night, in the snow? If the answer is no, then something should really be done about that. It's one of our very favorite things to do. Yet for no good reason, we don't do it nearly enough. No excuse: We've got the gear, the headlamps, and magical trails right in our backyard. We need your help, to drag us outside, into the snowy darkness, where we are our happiest.

So please, next time you're here (if it's during the winter), just ask for one of us to accompany you into the woods. All you need is warm clothing and a sense of adventure. We'll set you up with snowshoes or micro-spikes, slap a headlamp on your forehead, and show you the way. Whichever of us draws the short straw will stay back at the inn, making mulled wine or hot chocolate, lighting the firepit, getting the marshmallows, and making sure the hot tub is ready.

We can assure you no one has ever regretted doing such a thing. We want the Featherbed Inn to be a place where you make memories you'll never want to forget, and a nighttime wander through a wintry forest will be a very, very special one indeed.

Thank you for getting us outside where we belong -

Karen and Mick

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