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All the Single Ladies (and Single Gents. and Single Humans.)

Just to be clear, Mick and I love each other. A lot. And we enjoy a romantic dinner out now and again. And we occasionally buy each other gifts to show we appreciate each other (though frankly I can't remember the last time he bought me flowers, or that I bought him flowers, for that matter). But we really, really don't love being told when to go out for a romantic dinner or when to buy flowers. He and I are firmly in the anti-Valentine's Day camp.

But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a good Valentine's Day deal when one presents itself. And we encourage you, whether you are in the anti-Valentine's or pro-Valentine's camp, to take advantage of the deal Sugarbush is offering in honor of the day. Not famous as a place for bargains, Sugarbush is offering $25 all-mountain lift tickets on February 14 (they are calling it 2 for $50, but I'm pretty sure you can buy 1 for $25). Even I, Valentine's Day curmudgeon that I am, feel like that's worth celebrating. Plus, I really want you to experience the joy of mid-week skiing (everything you love about skiing, and nothing that you hate).

But I know that for people who don't have a special someone to share (or scorn) Valentine's Day with, February 14 might not be the happiest day of the year. But cheer up, single people! If you are traveling solo, the Featherbed Inn will knock $50 off any available room on Valentine's Day and all weeknights the entire week (February 12-17). Let's call it our Anti-Valentine's Day special.

Couples and families are also welcome next week, but the special is for singles only (because they deserve that). Give us a call if you'd like to pay us a visit and play in the snow next week.

So Happy Valentine's Day (or whatever) -


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