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Ditch the Covid City Blues and Spend Your Winter With Us

Hi Everybody,

Have you always dreamed of being a ski bum, of living by the slopes and heading to the mountain or into the woods whenever the impulse strikes? Perhaps this is your winter. 2020 has thrown so many awful things at us, but it has also thrown new perspectives and new opportunities that we never before had a framework to consider. With so many millions of people working and studying from home, the whole notion of "home" is open to discussion. Home is now your office, your school, your social bubble. Maybe it's your refuge, or maybe your prison. One thing we are hearing from so many people is, essentially, that if home is where I hang my hat, I should hang my hat where I really want to be.

If you are working from home, if your kids are in school virtually, if the pandemic has made location a quaint concern of the past, and if the idea of being able to enjoy the beauty and fun of a Vermont winter appeals to you, perhaps you should consider getting out of Dodge and spending some or all of the ski season with us. We have decided to rent out the Jenny Cottage for the season, and we invite you to contact us if this might work for you. The cottage is currently configured with three enormous, gorgeous bedrooms, each with its own sitting area and ensuite bathroom. With some minor rearranging that could make a major change in terms of homeyness, we can convert one of the bedrooms into a large living room/dining room. As is, the cottage has beds for seven (three queens and one twin); reconfigured, it would comfortably sleep five in beds and two more on a sofa bed. We are also upgrading the kitchenette so that it will be a full-blown, fully equipped kitchen suitable for a family or a group of friends to be able to prepare and enjoy meals from their new home. Just imagine...

If an entire cottage is not something that would work for you, we do have other opportunities to offer. Our lovely one-bedroom Brittany Cottage is available for shorter stays. Alternatively, guests can carve off a section of the main house all to themselves to maximize safety by minimizing contact with other guests. We are even offering the entire main house of the inn to families or groups of friends—all eight bedrooms (17 beds), six bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, fireplaces, and dining room could be yours for a few days or a few weeks.

Everyone is talking about the long winter ahead. Imagine spending this winter of Covid here, starting your day snowshoeing out your front door, hitting the slopes for a few runs during your extended lunch hour, offering your children the ultimate after-school activity of skiing or snowboarding just a few minutes from home, spending evenings warming yourselves around a firepit under the stars, and taking charge of this challenging time by doing what you've always dreamed of doing (or maybe never before even dared to dream). The days and weeks and months ahead will no doubt be full of difficulties and disappointments and challenges. As everything familiar and normal has been tossed up into the air, we all have the unique opportunity to re-think how and where we spend our time. Why not spend it here and make this the best winter of your life?

We are open to all ideas and options for making the winter of 2020/21 a special and safe one for all of us—for our guests, our community, and ourselves. Please give us a call if you want to explore how to experience the wonders of the Mad River Valley during this mad, mad, mad time.

Sending love and wishes for a safe, wonderful, snowy winter,

Karen and Mick

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