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Local Food, Local Color

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Here at the Featherbed Inn, we spend a lot of time thinking about food. An absurd, somewhat obsessional amount of time, frankly. We'll be brushing our teeth before bed, and one of us will say to the other, "I wonder what a bit of fresh thyme would do for our blueberry sauce" or "I betcha some cardamom in the oatmeal cake would make it even more special." But it's not just the creativity of our recipes that makes a Featherbed breakfast the thing that it is, it's the ingredients that go into our cooking. And as much as possible, those ingredients are sourced from local farms, often within walking distance of the inn.

Which means our eggs (which go into pretty much everything), from Gaylord Farm, are never more than a day or two old. The milk that goes into our house-made ricotta (to serve with honey, peaches, and olive oil) comes from Von Trapp Farmstead, where we get a weekly share from their organic milk CSA. The zucchini and onions for our Persian frittata come from our friend Pat's pick-your-own (and leave however much cash you feel is reasonable in the mailbox) Mountain Man Farm up Bragg Hill. The corn that finds its way into our corn and carrot-top pesto (thanks Elizabeth!!!) quiche is picked that very day at Hartshorn Farm. The blueberries for our afore-mentioned blueberry thyme sauce are from Knoll Farm, just up the hill. And if you've been here any time over the last several months, you've no doubt swooned (if you eat meat) over our bacon and sausage, which is made by a sweet guy named Josh at 5th Quarter VT, who gets one pig at a time from the Von Trapp Farmstead and then works some sort of magic which we cannot explain but deeply appreciate.

These are just a sample of the farm-to-table ingredients that find their way into our breakfasts, which change over time and with the seasons. Over the last week or so, the nights have become seriously chilly, we're starting to see leaves flying around our meadow, and we've noticed the first hints of fall color on the trees. Soon maple roasted pears will take the place of charred plums with goat cheese and black pepper, and the fields at our neighbors' farms with be blanketed by colorful leaves. And when the local produce ceases to be available, we will continue to support our local producers and makers in whatever way we can.

Late summer is a glorious time here in the Mad River Valley. The water in our pond, in the Mad River, and at Blueberry Lake is deliciously warm, and the Valley is brimming with art shows and gallery exhibits, live music, local theater, and our weekly Wednesday Round-Up, with live music, food trucks, and excellent people-watching. The brilliance of autumn is just around the corner, a time when chairlift rides up Mad River Glen and glider rides at Sugarbush Soaring offer spectacular views of our spectacular foliage. Hiking, mountain biking, golf, and horseback riding are at their best this time of year, with cooler temperatures and stunning views.

We've still got a smattering of rooms available over these next several weeks. We'd love to see you!

- Karen and Mick

PS: We'd be happy to share our recipes with you. Call us 802-496-7151 or email if there is something you are needing to try at home.

Local farmer, Pat Livingston
Local farmer, Pat Livingston

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