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The Livin' Is Easy

Hello Featherbed Friends,

Back when living in Vermont was just a dream for us, it was the magical Vermont winters that called to us. Many of you know why that would be. But now that living in the Mad River Valley is our precious reality, summer is becoming our favorite season (or at least in the top four!).

Before this was our home, we didn't know that one day we could jump in our own pond or swim in the river just across the road, often before breakfast or even right before bed. We didn't know that we could walk out our door and hike on perfectly maintained mountain bike trails in the woods for hours. We didn't know that we could spend an afternoon paddling around Blueberry Lake. We didn't know we could hop on our motorcycle or bicycles and cruise some of the most beautiful roads in the country. We didn't know we could take an after-dinner hike to watch the sunset or spend the evening listening to frogs in the pond and looking for shooting stars.

We had no idea we could spend every Wednesday evening partying by a covered bridge with neighbors and guests, listening to live music and chowing down on delicious food. We never imagined we could walk through the woods to experience a barnful of world-class art. We didn't know we'd be able to go to the theater in a barn built out of a Sears Roebuck catalog kit, or attend concerts or listen to classical music outdoors.

We didn't know we could soar in a glider and look down to see our house, or ride an Icelandic horse through the valley, or do yoga on a paddleboard or even on our own meadow every Saturday morning.

We never dreamed we would, or could, pull together breakfasts using nothing but local ingredients from neighboring farms and the Saturday Farmers Market. We didn't know how lucious it would be to live surrounded by fabulous craft breweries.

We didn't know the joy of an afternoon nap on a hammock in the garden. Frankly, we still don't, but our guests tell us it's a nice thing to do. We couldn't imagine how lovely it would be to join our guests for a glass of wine in the gazebo overlooking the pond and Bragg Hill.

These are just some of the things we didn't know. But now we do. And now you do, too. This summer feels like it could hang around for quite a while longer, and we've got some rooms available and calling your name.

Sending summer love,

Karen and Mick

PS: Fall foliage, another of our top-four seasons, is right around the corner.

PPS: Our daughter, Molly, got married in May! We are over the moon to welcome our son-in-law Gordon into the Rookwood family, and we're overflowing with joy to see them so happy.

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