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Bikes, Boots, and Bathing Suits

Hello Featherbed friends,

Peepers are peeping, gardens are popping, trails have dried out, and we are ready for summer. It was a wacky winter, snow-wise, but we had a wonderful season (our hot tub helped make every day a great day!). If you visited the Featherbed Inn this winter, thank you for making it so fun and joyful. Now it's time to put away the skis and dust off our summer toys.

Days are already long and warm here in the North Country, perfect for long walks, rides, paddles, and general lazing about. The Waitsfield Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings is bursting with local produce and products, and live music has experienced a rebirth.

We love the beauty and the sounds of spring, but once the ski lifts stop spinning it's summer that we are really waiting for. If you've never been to Vermont in the summer, you have no idea what you've been missing. If you have, you know what we're talking about. We're talking mountain biking 20 seconds from your featherbed. Or hiking on those same trails, or on any of the hundreds of walks and hikes within a short drive from the inn. Or jumping into our pond or walking across the road to swim in the Mad River or driving a few minutes for a memory-making leap into Warren Falls. Or peddling across covered bridges and along our roads, taking in eyefuls of pastoral scenery. Or visiting mid-week so you can party at Wednesday evening's Roundup, a weekly celebration by the covered bridge with live music, food trucks, and happy people. Or dozing on our hammock, or watching fireflies, or listening to frogs. We came to Vermont because of the magical winters, but we have come to love summers just as much. We have no doubt that you will, too.

Many of our summer weekends are already quite full, so if you can visit on weekends only we suggest you make your plans very soon. If you can visit during the week, you won't regret it — same beauty, fewer people. Covid restrictions have pretty much become a thing of the past (though we still ask all of our guests to be vaccinated, if they are able, and we will continuously monitor and adapt to changing conditions). We hope to see you soon :-)

Think sunshine!

Karen and Mick

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