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Safari Salama - Safe Travels

Hello Featherbed Friends,

When we traveled to Tanzania a few years ago, one of the Swahili phrases we learned was “safari salama,” safe travels. These days, when simply taking a trip to the hair salon or to sit on a friend's porch feels risky, the idea of a weekend or a week away might seem crazy. We get it.

And because we’re as concerned as you are, we’ve gone out of our way to make the Featherbed Inn a place where you can get some badly needed rejuvenation and relaxation while staying safe and socially distanced. Here’s what we're doing to ensure your safety and ours.

  • We’ve divided the inn into individual wings so you can reserve a space that includes bedrooms, private living and dining areas, and separate entrances. You can also reserve individual rooms, suites, or cottages. Please call us to discuss which configuration is right for you.

  • For those of you working or studying remotely and who are thinking about getting away for longer periods of time, we’ve added workstations in several of the rooms and created a business center, which guests can reserve (one household at a time). We have full duplex 1GB fiber optic internet, and a business class mesh WiFi network throughout all the buildings and much of the outdoor spaces.

  • We’ve placed dining tables all around the inn so that we can serve guests meals in separate rooms. We'll even bring you meals in your rooms, suite, or cottage.

  • We’re serving fabulous family-style dinners so you don’t even need to leave the inn once you return from your day’s outdoor adventures.

  • We’re keeping our outdoor firepits ablaze, and our guests have been loving making s’mores and hanging out by the fire, with plenty of Vermont fresh air to keep everyone healthy.

  • We’re limiting use of the common rooms to one household at a time. Happily, there is enough space here, including in our large bedrooms, suites, and cottages, for everyone to find a comfortable space to spend time when they’re not outside. Of course, mask-wearing, constant cleaning and disinfecting, and social distancing are the law of the land here.

Our goal is to make this a place where you can enjoy the pleasures of a Vermont winter while knowing you’ll leave here at least as healthy as when you arrived, and definitely happier. The snow has finally decided to show up, and we think you should, too. We’d love to see you!

Wishing you a happy new year and safe travels. Safari salama.

Karen and Mick

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