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Total Eclipse of the Sun 2024

You know those experiences that you are certain in a million years you'll never forget? For me, the moments I held each of my newborn babies fall squarely into that category. Seeing my parents dance with their granddaughter and grandson-in-law at their wedding, my dad dancing in a wheelchair and my mom with that smile she has, the smile she generously bestowed upon her granddaughter. Driving up the driveway of the Featherbed Inn for the very first time, and knowing before we even reached the parking lot or stepped foot into the house that this was to be, needed to be, our place. Even for someone whose memory is as lousy as mine, I know that I will never ever ever forget those moments. I want more moments like these. Don't you?

So, what are you doing next April 8 at 3:29 in the afternoon? Whatever you have planned for that day, I would hazard a guess that it's less memorable than coming to Vermont to experience a total solar eclipse (unless you plan to give birth just at that moment). I've never witnessed such a phenomenon, but given the giddiness in people's voices and writing when the subject of the 2024 eclipse comes up, I think we're in for something that we will never ever ever forget.

If this is something you'd like to experience, I urge you not to wait in making your plans. A year away, and we've got only a few rooms available. We haven't sorted out the details yet, but we're planning some eclipse-related festivities, or rituals, or meals, or something. And we'll get some of those fun eclipse-watching glasses. Whatever happens, we'd love to share it with you. Years from now we'll be able to say to each other, "Remember when we saw the solar eclipse at the Featherbed Inn? We'll never ever ever forget that."

See you next April(?),


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